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Current Situation

Our community is going through an extraordinary period of recovery from Hurricane Harvey and at the same time, our community is experiencing substantial growth.

The decisions and actions our local government entities and elected officials make now and over the next several years will be critical to the ongoing recovery from Harvey and the proper planning, preparing, and management of community growth.

In the past few years, a group of individuals have formed a faction that seems to be opposed to the remaining recovery efforts and local government/community efforts designed to prepare and manage for future growth. The primary tools and methods used by this group to advance their cause and views are social media, negativism, personal attacks, spreading misinformation, and proposing alternatives that would put the community in reverse. Further, several elective offices have been filled by individuals who seem to seek delay, “just say no”, and espouse a different vision for the future of the community. And in some cases, this group of individuals and these elected officials appear to be acting together and have caused delays, proposed unworkable “alternatives”, or seek to overturn or change longstanding and successful government/community arrangements. Join us as we fight this vocal minority of citizens against virtually everything.

Our Mission

  • We support traditional values and work towards the best interests of our community, supporting local political office candidates who share our principles, and actively opposing those who do not. 
  • We stand for the protection, respect, and stewardship of our environment, preservation of our local charm, and responsible economic growth and fiscal responsibility.
  • We will speak with a positive voice using facts, accuracy, and credibility, all the while promoting accountability to our community.


The ACVF has been organized to fight for the success of our community. We are taking the gloves off. We want to assure that the local government entities and elected officials represent the interests of all community stakeholders and make decisions and take actions that represent the values and philosophy of the community and not just the views of a loud minority.

How You Can Help

Please join us in our efforts to assure that our community remains the charming treasure on the South Texas Coast, and a place where we can work together in unity to build a strong, resilient, and successful community that we can all be proud to call our home!


Learn More

 Please browse through our website to learn more about us, our leadership, and what we do. If you are of like mind with us and agree with our views of the community and its future, please donate to our cause today!


Latest News

Stay tuned for the latest news and information from our group.

Our community needs strong voices, thank you to the ACVF group for their support of a better future.

Jerry Brundrett, Supporter

I support the ACVF and their mission to bring a forward thinking electorate to Aransas County.

Jim Mixon, Supporter

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