What is the Aransas Community Values Fund?

The Aransas Community Values Fund (ACVF) is a general purpose political action committee (GPAC).

ACVF engages in the following activities

  • identifies, recruits, and vets candidates for elective public office in all local government entities in Aransas County, including Aransas County, the Aransas County Navigation District, the City of Rockport, the Town of Fulton, and the Aransas County Independent School Board
  • endorses candidates for elective office in local government entities who the ACVF believes will represent our Statement of Community Values and Philosophy
  • conducts and supports campaigns for endorsed candidates
  • makes contributions to endorsed candidates
  • engages in activities to oppose non-endorsed candidates
  • engages in issue and public policy advocacy activities that are consistent with the ACVF’s Statement of Community Values and Philosophy

How are we funded?

The ACVF solicits and accepts donations from individuals in order to fund the activities outlined above. Pursuant to federal laws, individual donations are not tax deductible.


Do we take corporate donations?

The ACVF does not and will not solicit nor accept donations from corporations or businesses.