Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave – Possible ACND Election Fraud?

By Jack Wright


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” This familiar statement is a line in the poem Marmion written by Sir Walter Scott in 1808.


On July 23, 2022, Commissioner Tommy Moore signed the form:  NOTICE OF DEADLINE TO FILE AN APPLICATION FOR PLACE ON THE BALLOT as prescribed the Texas Secretary of State. The form set the ending date as August 26, 2022. Tommy signed it as the Filing Officer and he is up for reelection. Nothing on the surface would seem improper that is, except for one of the three people up for reelection signing the form setting the deadline. However, the Election Code as established by the Texas Secretary of State specifies that the filing deadline is to be 78 days before the election itself. November 8th is the General Election date. August 26 is only 74 days before the November 8 General Election and was therefore improper. A fact no doubt Commissioner Moore was well aware of when he signed the document. A screen shot of that form is at the end of this document.


On August 24, Harbor Master Keith Barrett signed an AMENDED NOTICE, NOTICE OF DEADLINE TO FILE FOR PLACE ON THE BALLOT. A screen shot of that Amendment is at the end of this story. He also signed as Tommy Moore previously had, as Filing Officer. Mr. Barrett listed the deadline as August 22, two days prior to his signing, effectively backdating it. The Navigation District took the on-line filing form off its website at the end of day 8/22, yet the deadline still states the 26th on the same website as of today the 27th. My money is on Tommy making the “mistake” deliberately, letting all who saw it thinking they had until the 26th to file. Tommy then told Keith Barrett that he needed to fix the mistake. Had Tommy signed the Amendment himself, it would have stood out, attracted too much attention, and stunk all the moore (sic). So, Tommy had Keith Barrett file the Amendment. Did Keith forget about the deadline and try backdating it? Or did he do it on purpose? I don’t believe it matters. Did he have the District’s authority to do so through an open meeting? That does matter. No action may be undertaken without first being authorized in an open meeting. The same question applies to Tommy. Did he have authority to sign the ACND Election deadline form setting the misleading and inaccurate date?


It is improper and likely illegal on its face. This is a new low even for an elected body that specializes in spurious activities. At least three candidates who had planned to file at the last minute were prohibited from doing so. These candidates were told by Navigation District personnel they could file as write in candidates only. Furthermore, the voting public has been cheated out of its ability to choose its elected officials – if it holds up.