Navigation District Contract with Shoreline Erosion Control Services, LLC – Moore Conflict of Interest?

By Jack Wright


The happenings at the Navigation District keep getting more interesting. The middle of July, Navigation District Commissioner Mickey Casterline reached out to me through a long-time mutual friend. He wanted to talk. The three of us met for lunch that Friday. My wife’s Uncle by marriage and the Casterline family were involved in several seafood related businesses over the years and I came to know Bubba, Frank, and Mickey after moving to Rockport in 1996. The Casterline family is a multi-generational name of well-known and respected business people in Aransas County. If it swims in the bays around us, they have made a business out of it.


At that lunch, Mickey told me about a meeting he had with one of the owners of Shoreline Erosion Control Services, LLC to see a demonstration of a new and innovative product that could take the place of common concrete bulkheads.  One intended location is on Fulton Beach Road located where Cherry Street intersects with Fulton Beach Road. When he arrived, Commissioner Tommy Moore was already there along with the representative of the company. Mickey said Tommy did all the talking; telling Mickey that he (Tommy) was a sales representative for SPS and that if Mickey wanted to learn anything about the product, he would get it from Tommy. Mickey attempted to speak with the company representative and ask questions but was continually interrupted by Commissioner Moore. Frustrated, Mickey walked off.


The Navigation District awarded a contract to the company on or about July 20 to place the new type shoreline protection device to 80 feet of Fulton Beach Road along the waterfront by Yarbaritaville. Work started the following week.


There could not be a clearer case of conflict of interest in Commissioner Moore’s behavior. And this is not the first instance. One documented conflict is in the Blog posting of July 26. How many Moore are there? I will keep digging and both will be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission for investigation.