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May 7 General Election Results:

We last emailed you in March. Since then, elections took place in early May, including the City of Rockport, Town of Fulton, ACISD School Board elections, and the ACISD bond issue. We made the decision not to become involved in any of the elections. However, many members of the Leadership Group, acting in their individual capacities, did provide support and campaign assistance to Tim Jayroe, who was elected Mayor of Rockport. Overall, the ACVF is pleased with the outcome of all the May elections. 

As the Editor of The Rockport Pilot recently stated: “Our greatest hope is that we can enjoy, more often, those times when all of our government entities are in relative calm”. 

November 8 General Election:

The November 8 General Election is right around the corner. Our focus is on local elections, specifically Aransas County’s Elections and the Aransas County Navigation District Elections (“Nav District”). 

All Republican Party candidates for County offices are unopposed, except for County Commissioner (Precinct 4-4A), Bob Dupnik, who is opposed by a Democrat Party candidate. We urge everyone who resides in Precinct 4-4A to vote for Bob Dupnik.   

The Aransas County Navigation District Elections include two Commissioner positions on the ballot. The first is the Commissioner At Large position where declared write in candidate Rebecca Johnson is running against incumbent Tommy Moore. The second position is Commissioner Precinct 4-4A, where Long Nguyen is running against incumbent Mickey Casterline.  

Shedding Light on the Nav District Operations:

At this time, the ACVF has not taken a position on either of the Nav District Commissioner positions. Having said this, we believe the community should be informed on how the Nav District has operated over the past several years.

We will be publishing a series of articles written by Jack Wright, a well-respected long-term resident in the community who has served in several leadership positions in local government and non-profit organizations in the community. Jack has devoted a significant amount of time studying the operations of the Nav District. Several months ago, he started publishing an online Blog Post, in which he has written about a number of very troubling matters about Nav District operations. 

Linked below are the first two posts in the series. We believe the voters should take into consideration the District’s performance before they vote. Voters have a choice and should be heard. We trust you will find Jack’s posts as interesting and informative as we do.


Click here to read Article 1 – Chicken Little The Sky is Falling

Click here to read Article 2 Lydia Ann Channel Moorings and Conflicts of Interest?


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