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There is a European folk tale entitled Henny Penny, known in the U.S. as Chicken Little. It is about a chicken who believes the sky is falling. Most of us know it or knew it as children. Today I am going to discuss the local version of Chicken Little played by Navigation District Chairman Malcolm Dieckow.  


Chairman Dieckow has been trumpeting, “Little Bay is dying” for months now. He reached fever pitch in June when he hired an Austin Public Relations firm who put on a seriously flawed, one might say intentionally flawed story line, regarding Little Bay last month at the Salt Water Pavilion. Publicly Malcolm has said that was his sponsored meeting and not that of the Navigation District proper. But it was the Navigation District who paid for it. Malcolm and the PR firm represented among other things, that 2.5 million gallons of treated sewage is being dumped into Little Bay on a daily basis. Remember, the sky is falling! In fact, the average treated water produced daily by the facility is 800,000 gallons and Rockport Country Club purchases and uses 500,000 gallons of that amount for golf course irrigation.


So, what’s the rest of the story? The EPA has tracked water quality in Aransas and Little Bay and has posted the results online for at least 4 years. Here is the link:  Click here. Water is tested in different locations, twice weekly in Little Bay and in Aransas Bay. The results speak for themselves. There are no violations, no warnings, and no citations – nothing!  Yes, there are contaminants listed; all water has some contaminates, but nothing beyond negligible. Satisfy yourself, results go back to 2018. There is a reason that Rockport Beach Park is Texas’ only Blue Wave Beach. The Rockport Pilot posts several photos of children and adults enjoying Little Bay, the Blue Wave Beach Park, and Aransas Bay twice weekly. A 10-year-old girl from Duncanville pictured holding a 20-pound black drum she caught in Little Bay. Kayakers skimming the water while fishing and catching. Children playing in the waters enjoying themselves. All while the Chicken squawks.  


The Navigation District’s Audited Financial Statements contain an interesting claim made by management – that its assets of the beach park and the boat launches are the sources of tourism in Aransas County. If they are, why is Malcolm running the risk of poisoning the minds of locals and tourists alike by screaming the sky is falling/Little Bay is dying? It’s an old fashion power grab. Allow me to drive this point home:  The Navigation District does not have jurisdiction over water quality – period. The Water Code does not give them any water quality authority.  


The District seeks to have the Legislature designate Aransas County and the City as MS4. That would require a change in the law, lowering the MS4 population requirement of 100,000+ to 25,000. Little Bay is just a means to an end. Malcolm and Commissioner Tommy Moore have said more than once that they seek to establish and control a permitting process. A permitting process that would require their approval before another road, another rooftop, or another subdivision would be allowed in Aransas County. So, how do you get the Legislature to change the law? Scream from the rooftops that the Sky is Falling – Little Bay is Dying and you scare the local citizenry into demanding the law be changed.