Friends and Supporters,

Congratulations to Aransas County Judge Elect Ray Garza, County Commissioner Elect Bob Dupnik, and County Clerk Elect Misty Kimbrough on winning the 2022 Republican primary election.

Each of the winning Aransas County Primary candidates will not face opposition in the November election since no Democrats filed for those positions and will be automatically elected to their respective office.

We endorsed and campaigned for the re-election of County Judge Burt Mills for County Judge and for Carolyn Smith for County Commissioner because we believed that they were the better candidates. They ran good campaigns and we want to thank them for the personal sacrifices all the Aransas County Primary candidates have to make to run for office.

We took no position on the County Clerk race because we felt that both candidates were well qualified for the position. We wish County Clerk Elect Misty Kimbrough all the success in her new position.

We also want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the many years of service Burt Mills has given to this community. His accomplishments over the years have benefitted every resident and his legacy is cemented in the history of Aransas County.

We wish Judge Elect Garza and Commissioner Elect Dupnik all the success possible on addressing important issues facing our county and all its communities. Some of those issues include completing Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, including projects already underway and those in the planning stage.

We plan to make our voices heard and offer support and advice on all things that keep this one of the best counties to live, work, and raise our families in Texas and the United States.

ACVF Future Plans:

The Aransas Community Values Fund will continue to engage in advocacy activities on important issues in the community and be involved in local government elections, giving a voice to our many friends and supporters in the community.

We are not going away and we are far from finished with our work.

Upcoming Elections:

The City of Rockport, Town of Fulton, and ACISD School Board elections are right around the corner. Filing for all of the open positions has closed and we will be assessing the candidates who have filed for the contested positions and make an announcement about these races in the near future. We also will be assessing the School Bond issue recently approved by the ACISD Board for election, and make an announcement on this.

For now, we congratulate all of the following unopposed candidates who will be elected:

  • Danielle Hale, the new Ward 2 Rockport City Council Member
  • Andrea Hattman, who will continue as the Ward 4 Rockport City Council Member.
  • Kelli Cole, who will continue to be the Mayor of Fulton
  • Robert Loflin, who will continue in Place 1.
  • School Board Members Kenneth Cruzan, who will continue in Place 1,
  • Logan Burton who will serve in Place 2
  • Eli Ramos, who will continue in Place 4.

Kind regards,

Aransas Community Values Fund

Please join our cause now more than ever as we start the next phase of this election cycle. We urge all of our readers and supporters to donate to help make Aransas County better.